CityProbe: The Fabric of the Intelligent City

As we presented in our earlier article, we sought to reinvent the sensor units. This redesign has resulted in a beautiful, modular and functional prototype that incorporated the functionality of our sensors into the design itself. We would like to present the CityProbe: The Fabric of the Intelligent City - a simplistic, modular unit inspired by Danish design traditions of functionalism and simplicity. Design A cylindrical shape with a beautifully curved rain... Read More »

HealthCity: Working towards more Intelligent Cities

It's been a while! We have been hard at work for the past several months. As we keep progressing with the development of our HealthCity project, we thought it would be a good idea to look back at what we've achieved until now. Our focus is designing an Internet of Things (IoT) platform for the city. However, designing and developing IoT-based services require a more human-centric approach to prevent it from being... Read More »

Internet of Things: A Comparison of Communication Technologies

Table of Contents Introduction Bandwidth Power Consumption Range Infrastructure Cost Factors Subscription Cost per unit Conclusion Introduction As more and more products become internet-connected, even more data is generated and saved on the other side. Data has always had a historical value, but lately focus has shifted more and more towards the use of AI (even though machine learning has been a separate field for quite some time now) to forecast and... Read More »

HealthCity: The First Probes

We are finally so far in the HealthCity project that we can reveal a bit more about the process and first prototypes. As previously mentioned, our vision with HealthCity is to create a network of devices that can sense different factors across the city of Aarhus, including air pollution (fine particles, gasses etc.), environmental noise, weather conditions, and more. In the beginning, the network will consist of around 50 solar-powered sensing devices.... Read More »

Rethinking Infrastructure: Making Air Quality Perceivable to the Citizens

Typically, when people think of infrastructure, they think of utilities such as water, heating and electricity - all of which support our way of life. However, other factors have a great influence on our wellbeing and everyday life as well; things that we can actively monitor and change, such as working out, eating healthy and so forth. Do you know what the air quality was when you biked to work today? Neither... Read More »