An Introduction to MONTEM as a Company

As we move past the official launch of MONTEM (even though we have been operating since Spring 2016), I would like to give you a short introduction to the foundation for our company. MONTEM, as a company, is a response to a growing demand for technologic innovation with physical products, especially focusing on how we, as humans, engage and interact with technology embedded in our soon-to-be autonomous cars and everyday household appliances. We specialise in embedded technology, Internet of Things and product design/development.

MONTEM helps companies across industries adapt new technologies in their products and services.

Our design process is done in close-collaboration with clients and their customers to solve their problems at hand. From 3D-printing prototypes of future products to developing digital services that provide a pleasurable user experience. We create the connection between user, hardware and software.

Our facilities include CNC router, Lasercutter, 3D Printers, PCB manufacturing...

Our in-house facilities include everything relatable to product design, e.g. CNC router, PCB manufacturing, Laser-cutter and a variety of 3D printers. We are based at the Department of Computer Science at Aarhus University and neighbours to the Department of Engineering, which allow close cooperation between the research community, MONTEM and industry partners.

The Team

Anders and I are both graduates from the Computer Science Department at Aarhus University, both published in academic journals, such as IEEE and ACM and have a strong research-based background. We have earlier worked on research projects with industrial collaborators, focusing on analysing future trends, technology and how current academic research can be implemented in new ways of human-machine interaction.

The Blog

Our blog will mainly be used for showcasing own projects, sharing knowledge, posting tutorials on technology that we use and simply as a way to follow our daily activities of designing and creating. So stay tuned for everything Angularjs, Nodejs, Meteor, Raspberry Pi, 3D Printing etc.

Thank you for reading.