World Robot Olympiad Denmark

World Robot Olympiad was held on Sunday October 1st, and MONTEM were a part of this exciting event! The World Robot Olympiad is a global robotics competition directed towards young people. Qualification for the Olympiad is by winning state/national competitions, and this year's Olympiad is to be held in India! The competition utilizes LEGO Mindstorms as a building platform for creating and programming robots that compete in four different categories: Regular, Open, College and Soccer.

In 'Regular', the teams have to build a robot that can drive through a pre-made course with obstacles, such as picking up colored bricks and placing them in the correct spots - each obstacle overcome is points added to a total score. If the teams have equal scores, the winner is the team with the fastest robot to have completed the course.

'Open' is a challenge where teams propose robotic solutions to a problem presented by the organisation. This year it was Rap the Scrap - Robots for reducing, managing and recycling waste.

Soccer was the only category not being represented in the Danish WRO qualifications; instead, the Sumo competition (and later an all-out Battle Royale) took its place and was certainly enjoyable to watch.

Lastly, in 'College', also called Advanced Robotics Challenge, the teams were tasked to create a robot that could shoot a snooker ball at cones, almost like miniature bowling.

We made a short video showcasing some of the runs, as seen in the beginning of the article, and it was a very close semi-final/final in the Regular competition, with teams achieving equal number of points in the same time! It's all or nothing in the fight for a chance to compete in India.

Events like WRO is a great way to get young people interested in Robotics and Science in general - check your local area for these types of events, which is often hosted at schools or other educational institutions, and hosted by very passionate people.