CityProbe: The Fabric of the Intelligent City

As we presented in our earlier article, we sought to reinvent the sensor units. This redesign has resulted in a beautiful, modular and functional prototype that incorporated the functionality of our sensors into the design itself.

We would like to present the CityProbe: The Fabric of the Intelligent City - a simplistic, modular unit inspired by Danish design traditions of functionalism and simplicity.


A cylindrical shape with a beautifully curved rain funnel on top that directs water to a custom-made internal rain sensor. Combined by two modules, a modular sensing module that holds the main electronics and battery with a sensor board below. The 360° air vent circulates fresh air to our gas and particulate sensors. The bottom is made of opal acrylic.


We have combined our CityProbe with a strong, durable and UV-resistant solarpanel from our good friends at Voltaic Systems. Everything is connected with IP68 certified connectors, which ensures a long life time of our units in the shifting climate of Today. The sensor board is separated from the main board, allowing for an easy upgrade of sensors. The mounting holes allow it for mounting of all sorts of lamp posts and masts.


Our current probes are being tested at IT-Byen Katrinebjerg, an area of Aarhus Nord where the Department of Computer Science resides alongside companies such as Microsoft and Google. The network is being scaled to a high resolution, allowing us to benchmark our CityProbes and start making use of the data.

Up until now, we have been very busy developing the hardware, which is why we have been so silent. However, now it is time to roll out and we will give a new update very soon.