HealthCity: The First Probes

We are finally so far in the HealthCity project that we can reveal a bit more about the process and first prototypes. As previously mentioned, our vision with HealthCity is to create a network of devices that can sense different factors across the city of Aarhus, including air pollution (fine particles, gasses etc.), environmental noise, weather conditions, and more. In the beginning, the network will consist of around 50 solar-powered sensing devices.... Read More »

Printing with Electronics

At MONTEM we always strive to have ongoing research projects on interesting and cutting-edge fields within tech. In particular, we focus very much on developing new tools that can improve or simplify the product design process. One such project (and let me clarify that this is still very much work-in-progress), is the integration of electronic components directly within 3D-printed objects, making it possible to use a regular 3D printer to print electrically... Read More »