Internet of Things: A Comparison of Communication Technologies

As more and more products become internet-connected, even more data is generated and saved on the other side. Data has always had a historical value, but lately focus has shifted more and more towards the use of AI (even though machine learning has been a separate field for quite some time now) to forecast and predict. The more data we have, the more knowledgeable a system we can develop. When thinking of... Read More »

Rethinking Infrastructure: Making Air Quality Perceivable to the Citizens

Typically, when people think of infrastructure, they think of utilities such as water, heating and electricity - all of which support our way of life. However, other factors have a great influence on our wellbeing and everyday life as well; things that we can actively monitor and change, such as working out, eating healthy and so forth. Do you know what the air quality was when you biked to work today? Neither... Read More »

Product Development in Startups

If you have ever been to a Hackathon or Startup Event, you know that these types of events mostly revolve around software development in some shape or form. The entry-barrier for apps and online services is low - you only require a computer and the skills needed. The competition, however, is proportionally high and it is only the few dedicated people with well-executed ideas that actually become successful startups. In contrast, startups... Read More »

World Robot Olympiad Denmark

World Robot Olympiad was held on Sunday October 1st, and MONTEM were a part of this exciting event! The World Robot Olympiad is a global robotics competition directed towards young people. Qualification for the Olympiad is by winning state/national competitions, and this year's Olympiad is to be held in India! The competition utilizes LEGO Mindstorms as a building platform for creating and programming robots that compete in four different categories: Regular,... Read More »

Friday Fun: DSLR Camera Slider (Part 1)

Introduction It's Friday and we're designing a DSLR camera slider that does your breathtaking prototypes, amazing mockups and beautiful products justice! Like Da Vinci once said: "... If you don't have cool footage of it, it's not a cool project" - Leonardo Da Vinci This is the first part of our Camera Slider series, where we iteratively design a linear slider from the ground up using stepper motors, laser-cutting, 3D printing and other... Read More »